Playlist of the Month: Mylene Mackay of Barre 2 Barre

Barre Playlist Vol. 5

Master Trainer Mylene Mackay has brought us some uplifting summer beats to help get you through the burning and shaking during barre class. There’s a nice surprise at the end with melodic down-beats for deep & juicy stretching.

Barre Playlist Vol. 5

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Mylene is co-owner of Barre 2 Barre, with locations in Hong Kong and Singapore. She is currently stationed in Amsterdam, where she will be leading a BarreAmped Level 1 training later this month.

You can also find her at the BarreAmped Training Retreat in Thailand this September. She, along with Barre 2 Barre co-owner and BarreAmped Master Trainer Karen Lim, will be certifying barre instructors in the idyllic setting of Samahita Retreat Center.
If barre at the beach is just a dream for you this summer, Mylene has described how to bring the heat to the barre with her playlist for a classic BarreAmped class format. Her teaching tips are geared toward a mixed or advanced level class.

Have fun with it!

Show Me Love / Don’t Fail Me Now – Energetic & uplifting beats for warm up and arm work to get everyone motivated.

Wavey / Squat / Pumped Up – Fun tunes to forget the burn and dance through Thigh Work.

Soundclash – Slower, sexier beats for first Seat Work set, teach slow & focused movements and really feel the music to get deep into your glutes.

Better – Faster beats to wrap up Seat Work & stretch into Plank Series.

Girls / Push the Feeling  – Forward beats for Under Barre. Teach on the beat for “feel-good” movement or slow it down and make it harder! You can also mix it up and challenge their coordination.

Voices / In My Mind / Utami / Baby – Melodic songs for Floor Work. Almost there!

More than Just Friends – perfect for The Curl. Have fun here, use the ball & teach some twists (shoulder to opposite knee) as your clients will be tired and will need new movements and extra motivation to stay interested and focused. Cap off with an Open Leg Balance set before moving into Bridge.

One Kiss – one final push with faster beats to finish with a strong & energetic Bridge Set.

Sunny Juice / An Ending – cool down & stretch with these delicious down-beats and an ambient ending.

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