BarreAmped Works for Sweden Perkins

Sweden - before & after

Yes, BarreAmped works for Sweden as she was able to shed more than 18 pounds in 12 weeks of workouts with Suzanne Bowen in studio.  As pictured here, the results were dramatic.  What is more, Sweden became a certified BarreAmped instructor, Suzanne’s assistant for a while and now a business owner.  Recently we learned that Sweden was expecting her first child and we are thrilled to announce her co-starring role in the upcoming BarreAmped Prenatal DVD with Suzanne.  With Suzanne’s most recent Slim and Toned Prenatal Barre DVD occupying the number one spot on for all prenatal workouts, we are excited to follow it up with the premier BarreAmped prenatal title and Sweden Perkins couldn’t be a better fit with her experience in the method!
Let’s hear from her now!

BA:  Sweden, What is your background in athletics?
Growing up with 3 older siblings who were active in every sport you could imagine, I was also encouraged to try them all. I played soccer and basketball but found I was not a competitive person. I love to challenge myself but I wasn’t the type to want to “beat” others. My mother took a look into my spirit and realized not all children are created equal and found that individual sports were where I would excel! I began swim team, ice skating, and dance. Dance quickly became a passion of mine. I found it was where I could express myself and really shine. I took all styles of dance and later even went to college for the performing arts with a focus on dance studies. I am thankful that I took that journey and was challenged to try all things! 

BA:  How did you find BarreAmped and Suzanne Bowen Fitness?
In college I worked part time at a local fitness club where Suzanne Bowen was teaching and featuring BarreAmped classes. I always admired her passion and drive. As years past I knew I wanted to be more involved in what Suzanne was doing. I love fitness and health and I love dance. It was the perfect combination for me. I am an active person and love to try different physical activities but to me, there is nothing like SBF and BarreAmped! 

BA:  What was different about the method or philosophy?
When most people think of Barre classes, they think dance or poses. Being an active person who runs, lifts weights, does challenging bootcamps, I can genuinely say there is nothing like BarreAmped and SBF. The challenge my body feels during every single workout is like no other. My body shakes in places I forgot about and I love the mental challenge I get as well. SBF not only encourages you physically to push yourself but mentally as well. I love Suzanne’s motto for excellence, not perfection! 

BA:  You and your mom were part of one of Suzanne’s testimonial groups.  What was your experience?
I was thrilled to be a part of Suzanne’s testimonial group and even more thrilled that my mother was along side me! It was such a positive experience for us. Having someone you love and want the best for along side you, was such motivation! The group was supportive and encouraging to have everyone be their best! My mother lost inches and weight and was able to tone places she almost lost hope for! After only 12 weeks I was able to lose more than 18 pounds and had never felt so comfortable and confident in my own body. 

BA:  And now, you are expecting your first baby!  Congratulations!  We’re so excited to have you costar with Suzanne in her next prenatal DVD.  We think with your background, results and love for barre and BarreAmped, you will be a perfect fit.  Is there anything that you could offer first time moms in terms of advice about fitness or how to stay in great shape as you have during your pregnancy?
Expecting our first child was the greatest news we had ever experienced! When I found out I was pregnant my fitness plan went into full gear! I knew I wanted to stay active and healthy for my pregnancy but maintain a healthy mindset for my baby as well! I try to workout 5-6 days a week, varying my workouts! My workouts include 3-4 BarreAmped or SBF classes a week, running, and some light weight lifting. Being active and healthy for my baby and for my post baby recovery is very important to me! I make sure to listen to my body when it needs rest and to challenge myself when I feel great. Balance has been key for me! I also believe in a healthy diet but will admit my on and off craving indulgence. Again, balance has been key for me! Most importantly remembering that your changing body is a gift and that there are reasons your body changes, and that is for your child! It’s such a blessing to be a healthy home for my baby until she arrives! 
BA:  You and fellow BarreAmped instructor, Megan Callender, have started a new apparel company with amazing fashion finds.  We know Suzanne is a regular customer!  Can you tell us a little about that?
Megan and I met through our BarreAmped careers. She and I instantly hit it off and knew there was going to be much more to our future and friendship. Sharing such similar taste and personalities, our company Swish was born! Swish is an online boutique where we hand select every purchase with a fine tooth comb. When contemplating our brand name we went round and round. We named our company Swish because of it’s old fashion meaning, “Smart and Fashionable”. People used to say “she’s very Swish”, and we knew that fit our vision!  We want our fashion boutique to be affordable and fashionable, while maintaining excellent quality. We host a blog where we have our boutique items for sale and are also going to branch out into other areas of fashion life! We love what we do and are thankful for our faithful customers like Suzanne! To see more merchandise you can also visit our Facebook page “Swish Fashion Boutique.” 
BA: We definitely can see you have style by these amazing images you have documented throughout your pregnancy and  we look forward to seeing more of you in the upcoming BarreAmped Prenatal DVD!  Thank you so much, Sweden, for taking the time for this interview!  Can we interview you again for a postnatal workout?

We love this image of Sweden listing her cravings!
We love this image of Sweden listing her cravings!

And now, we can really see that bump and Sweden references her baby girl might be a shaker!?!  #shaketochange

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