Suzanne Bowen – Founder & Creator of BarreAmped®

Suzanne Bowen - Founder & Creator of BarreAmped®

With years of experience and study to her name, Suzanne Bowen is the founder and creator of the cutting-edge and highly successful BarreAmped fitness method. Classically trained over 15 years ago at the prestigious Lotte Berk Method in NYC, America’s first barre studio, Suzanne’s roots are found in the original expression of barre in the U.S. BarreAmped is a fresh interpretation of a classic with a focus on precise form and alignment with a neutral spine. Certifications are offered year-round as the program continues to grow across the country and internationally under Suzanne’s tutelage. Students flock to Suzanne because of her encouraging, no-nonsense, straightforward teaching approach that provides targeted and overall results while guiding people to be the best they can be. She is also the creator of Suzanne Bowen Fitness (#SBF), an efficient mind-body technique that combines cutting-edge cardio, intelligent strengthening, and dynamic stretching. Suzanne is an expert in her field but feels she is also a constant student, desiring to learn and engage in the latest techniques as she continues to bring form, focus, and precision to her daily, balanced, full-body workouts. She works to see results in herself and others, not only physically, but emotionally as well.

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Lori Winter BarreAmped Trainer

Lori Winter

Director of Operations | Master Trainer

Beginning her BarreAmped® journey as a student in Suzanne Bowen’s classes, Lori continued to seek out training in the method. In 2011 she was certified in all levels as a BarreAmped® instructor and added BarreAmped® Teacher Trainer the next year. Having grown up in gymnastics and dance classes, and graduating college with a degree in Communications (Broadcasting & Theatre), teaching this mind-body fitness method was a natural fit. She stepped into the role of Director of Operations in July 2017.

She daily encourages, inspires, and instructs clients at Studio 51st and Studio Indigo in Nashville, TN.

Lori is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and pursues self-study in the fields of anatomy, bio-mechanics, nutrition, and herbal remedies. She and her husband enjoy time at home together with their two rescue dogs just as much as they love a good adventure.

BarreAmped Trainer Mylene Mackay

Mylene Mackay

BarreAmped Europe Manager | Master Trainer

Mylene discovered Pilates as a college student in Boston and was introduced to barre at the Lotte Berk Studio while living in London. She describes it as “love at first movement.” After many years working internationally in luxury hotels, what was a healthy hobby soon developed into a passion for mind-body wellness and eventually a second career.

Mylene is co-owner of Barre 2 Barre with locations in Hong Kong and Singapore. She’s currently based in Amsterdam where she manages the BarreAmped® training program in Europe.

Eternally grateful for the opportunity to help people keep healthy through movement, she enjoys sharing with everyone the benefits of a regular practice and appreciates the inner strength and balance this brings to one’s life.

Apart from BarreAmped® and Pilates, she is also a student of yoga and kung fu. She’s happiest on a sunny beach in the Philippines with family and friends.

Karen Lim BarreAmped Master Trainer

Karen Lim

BarreAmped Asia Manager | Master Trainer

As a former finance professional and like many working in a high-stress environment, Karen suffered from lower back and shoulder issues. It was then that she was exposed to the amazing physical and mental benefits of barre and Pilates.

Initially, she took the teacher training courses for her own benefit – to deepen her knowledge and improve her practice. But she discovered that she enjoyed teaching and has not stopped since. She loves working with students and showing them how their bodies can benefit from proper alignment. She finds joy in seeing the positive change, not just in their bodies but also in their outlook, as they get stronger and more flexible with each class.

Karen is co-owner of Barre 2 Barre with locations in Hong Kong, where she is based, and Singapore.

Each day she enjoys the blessings of wonderful family and friends. She also loves good food and wine, reading, baking, and hiking.

Laura Escott - BarreAmped Teacher Trainer

Laura Breen-Escott

Teacher Trainer

Laura trained under Suzanne Bowen in the BarreAmped® method in 2011 to become an instructor and instantly fell in love with the method. She became a Teacher Trainer the next year. Laura is passionate about teaching and inspiring others. She has been teaching Pilates since 2008 and in 2010 became comprehensively certified through Core Dynamics. Laura is also recognized as a PMA certified instructor. Along with many other certifications, she has been a Personal Certified Trainer thru NASM since 2005.

Laura enjoys sharing her passion for merging fitness with a mind-body connection and feels very lucky to be able to do what she loves. She has always enjoyed fitness and movement for as long as she can remember and is always looking for new ways to learn and grow. Laura grew up in Phoenix, but now lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and son.

Kim Guenther - BarreAmped Teacher Trainer

Kimberly Guenther

Teacher Trainer

Kim is a teacher trainer for BarreAmped®. She was first trained in Nashville in 2013, and in 2014 became fully certified in all levels. Kim has a background in yoga, completing her 200 hour CYT in 2014. She also leads other group fitness classes including indoor cycling and HIIT. Kim’s love of the BarreAmped® method stems from her passion of all things technical. She enjoys sharing the technique of the method with clients so they may have a better understanding of each exercise. She loves inspiring her clients to challenge themselves as they never have before.

Kim is the lead instructor of BarreAmped® at Dragonfly Hot Yoga, located in Madison, WI with four locations in the area.

Kim has lived in the midwest her whole life and is currently raising her three children with her husband just outside of the Madison area. In her spare time she enjoys running, group fitness, and is an avid baker.  She also enjoys quality time with her two Golden Retrievers and two Siamese cats, who always keep life interesting.

Jessica Felicia BarreAmped Teacher Trainer

Jessica Felicia

Teacher Trainer

Jessica was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where she was first introduced to barre fitness. She began her practice in 2009 and certified with BarreAmped® in early 2015 at Barre 2 Barre Hong Kong. Jess completed her MBA at Insead in 2016 and partnered with Karen and Mylène on the expansion of Barre 2 Barre into Singapore.

Aside from barre, Jessica is also a certified Stott Pilates Instructor and has completed Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains for Movement and Fitness Professionals.

She loves playing tennis and running. She taught at Beverly Hills Tennis throughout her high school and college years in the US. Teaching proper form is now instilled in Jessica’s mind to avoid injuries, having injured herself many times playing sports.

Hayley Lief - BarreAmped Teacher Trainer

Hayley Lief

Teacher Trainer

Hayley studied Jazz, Ballet, and Flamenco dance, and through these disciplines developed a deep understanding of body awareness. She broadened her training and later qualified with a Diploma in Aerobic Exercise, and was a full time teacher for many years.

As a mother of two daughters, pregnancy left her with the need to find a sustainable and fun fitness method to strengthen her core. Hayley loves that BarreAmped® met this need and has been a passionate student since 2012, and now Teacher Trainer.

Hayley is also a Certified Polestar Pilates Mat Teacher and a Pre & Postnatal Pilates Specialist with The Center for Women’s Fitness.

Away from the barre, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and reading.

Rosanna Lo BarreAmped Teacher Trainer

Rossana Lo

Teacher Trainer

Rossana is delighted and honoured to become a BarreAmped® teacher trainer. She finds BarreAmped®’s emphasis on healthy alignment for safety and maximum effectiveness coupled with developing one’s mind and body connection complementary to her yoga background.

A 2007 graduate of the YogaWorks 200-hour teacher training program under Chrissy Carter, Rossana earned her E-RYT 200 status in 2009 having taught at several studios, gyms, and fitness centres in the U.S., and at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, D.C. She then traveled to Mysore, India to practice under the guidance of Saraswathi in the Ashtanga Vinyasa lineage.

Rossana is a Certified Polestar Pilates Mat Teacher and Studio Equipment Teacher-in-Training. She is a Pre & Postnatal Pilates Specialist with The Center for Women’s Fitness.

When not in barre, yoga, and Pilates studios exploring stillness and movement with the breath, Rossana adores travel, dark chocolates, coffee, Coffee, COFFEE (!!!), and spa treatments. In a past life, she was a reporter/anchor for a local NBC-affiliate (TV), and local NPR and CBS (radio) news stations; she continues to nourish her passion for storytelling through various outlets. Every day Rossana practices gratitude and finds inspiration all around her.

Abbie O'Neal BarreAmped® Teacher Trainer

Abbie O’Neal

Teacher Trainer

As an athlete growing up with a bodybuilder father, Abbie assumed that her interest in fitness would lead her to become a personal trainer. But, after trying her first BarreAmped® class in 2013, she immediately fell in love with the method. In 2016, she earned her first certification with BarreAmped® and within the next year and half had progressed through the program.

Abbie values BarreAmped®’s attention to form and alignment. It’s what prompted her to pursue further education in prenatal and postnatal care with a focus on pelvic floor health. She is working to bring awareness and hope to women with pelvic floor issues.

When she’s not in the studio, she loves spending time with her husband and four kiddos. Having grown up in Maine, and now living in middle Tennessee, she loves being outside and exploring creation around her.

Alison Tait BarreAmped® Teacher Trainer

Alison Tait

Teacher Trainer

Ali fell in love with exercise all over again on discovering Pilates in 2014 and her passion only intensified when she started her BarreAmped® journey one year later at Barre 2 Barre in Hong Kong. Fueled with this passion and feeling healthier and stronger than ever, she left her professional services career to teach and share energy, strength, confidence, and wellbeing. Alison qualified as a Pilates and BarreAmped® instructor in 2016 and joined Barre 2 Barre after the summer.

Alison’s teaching focuses on BarreAmped® and Pilates core principles, working with clients to unlock whole body benefits, as well as their authentic mind body connection.

Outside the studio her focus is on living well: spending time with family and friends, reading, traveling and enjoying the best Hong Kong has to offer.

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