BarreAmped Trainers are the best of the best

Our team is made up of incredibly skilled technicians and teachers who have completed a rigorous apprenticeship with us. They are committed to your success!

Lori Winter - BarreAmped Master Trainier

Lori Winter

Director of Operations
Master Trainer

Based in Nashville, TN

Karen Lim - Barre 2 Barre Founder / Certified BarreAmped Master Trainer / Manager, BarreAmped Asia

Karen Lim

BarreAmped Asia Manager
Master Trainer

Based in Hong Kong

Portrait of BarreAmped Trainer Mylene Mackay

Mylene Mackay

BarreAmped Europe Manager
Master Trainer

Based in Amsterdam

Laura Escott - BarreAmped® Teacher Trainer

Laura Escott

Teacher Trainer

Based in Pittsburgh, PA

Kim Guenther - BarreAmped Teacher Trainer

Kim Guenther

Teacher Trainer

Based in Madison, WI

Portrait of Abbie O'Neal BarreAmped® Teacher Trainer

Abbie O'Neal

Teacher Trainer

Based in Columbia, TN

Hayley Lief - BarreAmped Teacher Trainer

Hayley Lief

Teacher Trainer

Based in Hong Kong

Alison Tait BarreAmped® Teacher Trainer

Alison Tait

Teacher Trainer

Based in Hong Kong

Portrait of Rossana Lo – BarreAmped® Teacher Trainer

Rossana Lo

Teacher Trainer

Based in Hong Kong

Jessica Felicia BarreAmped Teacher Trainer

Jessica Anwar

Teacher Trainer

Based in Singapore

Suzanne Bowen - Founder & Creator of BarreAmped®

Suzanne Bowen
Founder & Creator of BarreAmped®

With years of experience and study to her name, Suzanne Bowen is the founder and creator of the cutting-edge and highly successful BarreAmped fitness method. Classically trained over 15 years ago at the prestigious Lotte Berk Method in NYC, America’s first barre studio, Suzanne’s roots are found in the original expression of barre in the U.S. BarreAmped is a fresh interpretation of a classic with a focus on precise form and alignment with a neutral spine. Certifications are offered year-round as the program continues to grow across the country and internationally under Suzanne’s tutelage. Students flock to Suzanne because of her encouraging, no-nonsense, straightforward teaching approach that provides targeted and overall results while guiding people to be the best they can be.

Suzanne Bowen Fitness

Suzanne Bowen is also the creator of Suzanne Bowen Fitness (#SBF), an efficient mind-body technique that combines cutting-edge cardio, intelligent strengthening, and dynamic stretching. Suzanne is an expert in her field but feels she is also a constant student, desiring to learn and engage in the latest techniques as she continues to bring form, focus, and precision to her daily, balanced, full-body workouts. She works to see results in herself and others, not only physically, but emotionally as well.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?