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This is the BarreAmped® Network

Your online home to access the tools you need to feel equipped and inspired as a barre fitness instructor.

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Fast & easy access

Training videos are organized for fast and easy access. Navigate directly to the exercise you’re looking for in a flash.

BarreAmped Network resources

More Resources

The video library is updated monthly with brand new teaching tips, choreography inspiration, sample segments, and full sample classes. Craft your classes with printable Class Planning Worksheets. BarreAmped® Partner Studios can download marketing resources directly from the Network.

BarreAmped Network resources
BarreAmped Network support

Feel supported & inspired

Connect with fellow trainees, ask questions, and share encouragement with each other on our exclusive BarreAmped® Network social community.

Tactile correction during seat work - Learn from Top Trainers

How Do I Join?

Membership to the BarreAmped® Network is reserved for those who join the BarreAmped® Barre Instructor Training Program. Is our program a match for you? We welcome you with open arms!

Tactile correction during seat work - Learn from Top Trainers

Learn from Top Trainers

Train in-person with highly qualified BarreAmped® Teacher Trainers. Experience BarreAmped® master classes and receive valuable one-on-one feedback in a workshop style intensive.

Sign up for a Level 1 Barre training

Step One

Register for any Level 1 Barre Instructor Training and get immediate access to online pre-training materials inside the BarreAmped® Network. Set up your profile and prepare for your in-person intensive.

BarreAmped manual + video

Step Two

At your training, you’ll receive a passcode to access training videos that complement the material in your manual. Your first six months of access are completely FREE! Continue your membership at only $10/mo.

BarreAmped manual + video
Complete your post training

Step Three

Successful completion of your post-training written assessment inside the BarreAmped® Network will earn you the official title “Level 1 Barre Certified by BarreAmped®.” Congratulations! You’ve earned it!

Continue your BarreAmped journey

Continue Your Journey

We’re always learning, and we hope you’ll do the same! We believe the best teachers are lifelong students. To maintain an active certification status with us, keep your membership to the BarreAmped® Network current and plan to participate in a continued education course annually.

Continue your BarreAmped journey

Continue Your Journey

We believe the best teachers are lifelong students! Our comprehensive program offers multiple training levels, specialty formats, and workshops to hone teaching skills.

BarreAmped Hashtag Options

Hashtag Options

Our comprehensive program offers multiple training levels, specialty formats, and workshops to continue the learning process and hone teaching skills.

BarreAmped subscriptions

Set it and forget it!

Automatic monthly membership payments give you access to all features of the BarreAmped® Network as a member. Your first 6 months are on the house and you can cancel anytime.

BarreAmped subscriptions
BarreAmped Network classes

Continued Education

We’re committed to offering you the best training possible. Live training courses are offered throughout the year at our training hubs and host studios, as well as webinar workshops online.

Frequently asked questions

Can I teach barre with a Level 1 certification only?

In most cases, yes! Ultimately, this will depend on the hiring studio or gym. Some will prefer a comprehensive certification, but most will acknowledge the intensive training undertaken by those who are “Level 1 Barre Certified by BarreAmped®.”

How do I maintain an active certification status?

Maintain your active certification status with BarreAmped® by 1) remaining a member in good standing of the BarreAmped® Network (i.e. submit monthly payments without interruption), and 2) participate in at least one continued education course in the time prior to your renewal date.

What is my Renewal Date?

The date of your Level 1 Training becomes the one and only date you’ll need to remember from here on out. That is your Renewal Date and completion of a continued education course prior to that date one year in the future will be required in order to maintain an active certification status.

Can I choose to renew by taking an online test and paying a flat fee?

Effective November 1, 2018, this option is no longer available. We want the best for you — your barre training is a worthy investment in yourself, and you’ll benefit most from continued learning and remaining current with your BarreAmped® Network membership.

I’m currently Barre Certified by BarreAmped®. How do I upgrade from the old version of the Instructor Portal to the BarreAmped® Network?

Check your email for instructions. You can register for access to the BarreAmped® Network at any time using the unique link included in your email. The date you register becomes your new Renewal Date (the one and only date you’ll need to remember). Your annual renewal is now broken into monthly payments and your first six months are on the house.

If the training I want to attend occurs after my Renewal Date, can I still get credit for continuing education?

As long as the training is scheduled within 60 days after your Renewal Date (and you’ve registered prior to your Renewal Date), you’re good to go!!

I’ve already completed my continuing education for this year, but there’s another training I’d like to attend. Can I get credit for next year’s continuing education?

If the second training in question is within 60 days prior to this year’s Renewal Date, it can apply toward next year’s continuing education.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?