The Method

Created by international fitness celebrity and former Lotte Berk Method instructor Suzanne Bowen, BarreAmped® is the result of more than 13 years of physiological study and client observations by one of America’s top fitness talents.

What sets BarreAmped® Apart

Precise form is essential to achieving optimal results in BarreAmped®; thus, instructors are highly trained to correct and refine your positioning during each workout. Setting BarreAmped® apart from other barre methods is its focus on work with a neutral spine.

I love BarreAmped because of it’s integrity of body alignment, respect to neutral spine, and honoring a mind body connection. The work is about so much more than a nice seat or thin thighs. It’s also about focusing on taking care of your body. The program is really very thoughtful.

Laura E.

What's in a name?

A juxtaposition of calming and energizing, BarreAmped® is a method which takes classic barre moves and amps them up with power, precision, and focused intensity. This electrifying method deeply connects the mind to the body and clients leave BarreAmped® classes feeling plugged in and calmly energized while they shed pounds and lean out.

Suzanne Bowen - Creator of BarreAmped - tactile correction

Why form first?

To get maximum amped up results and to stay safe, BarreAmped® classes are taught with an emphasis on form. From the foundation up, a client works at her (or his) own maximum in order to achieve both mental and physical benefits from the first class. From its inception, a neutral spine position has been paramount in the BarreAmped® method. With a team of experts in the fields of anatomy, biomechanics, and physical therapy, BarreAmped® continues to evolve and remain a forerunner in the fitness and movement world.

Suzanne Bowen - Creator of BarreAmped - tactile correction
at the barre

Who takes BarreAmped®?

BarreAmped® is for anyone and everyone looking to shed pounds, tone up, stretch out, and destress. No dance experience is required. BarreAmped® is not a dance class, though we hope you find a dancer’s strength and grace throughout class!

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

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