Terms of Agreement

Below are the BarreAmped® requirements and conditions for participating in any BarreAmped® Training Program or Workshop.

I understand that full participation and successful completion of the two day BarreAmped® training is required in order to receive my certification “Certified Barre Teacher by  BarreAmped®” and that in order to teach a BarreAmped® class I must enter into a license agreement with BarreAmped® (Seren Motus, LLC).

I understand that in order to maintain my Certified Barre Teacher by BarreAmped® certified status, I need to maintain an active membership in the BarreAmped® Network.

I understand that if I do not pass the certification test, there is a re-test fee of $40 to attempt the test one additional time. This is available within one year of my training date(s). Past the one year mark, I will need to re-take the training at the current fee to gain access to the certification test. 

I acknowledge that I am in excellent physical and mental health before beginning this course and that I am participating at my own risk.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless BarreAmped® instructors, employees, trainers, agents, officers, directors, and owners from all claims, damages, or causes of action with regard to any personal injury, property damage, medical expenses, or loss of services relating to my participation in this class.

I understand that all teaching materials, including but not limited to, manuals, DVDs, and online videos used in the BarreAmped® certification course are the sole property of Seren Motus, LLC. Copying, photocopying, internet sharing, and recording is prohibited.

I understand it is at the total discretion of the certifying BarreAmped® Trainer as to whether or not I will pass the certification at the conclusion of the training or if additional time will be needed.

I understand that in order to hold my place in any training the full advertised fee is required. Amex, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted. BarreAmped® (Seren Motus, LLC) holds the right to cancel this course if enrollment is fewer than 5 students. All dates may be subject to change. A full refund will be given by BarreAmped® (Seren Motus, LLC) upon cancellation.

I understand that should I withdraw from the course at any time, a $75 processing fee will be deducted from my full payment for this course. And that: » A full refund will be given up to 21 business days prior to course start date (minus processing fee). » A 50% refund will be given from 20 days to 1 week to the day prior to the start date (minus processing fee). » No refund will be given from withdrawing 6 days prior, the day of, during, or after the certification course has begun. A $40 fee will be charged to transfer to a future course date for each and every transfer.

I understand and agree that in order to use the trademark “BarreAmped®” in any format, including but not limited to advertising, media, internet, and teaching, I must enter into a License Agreement with BarreAmped® (Seren Motus, LLC). Receiving BarreAmped® certification does not entitle me to the name or use of “BarreAmped®” without a License Agreement except for the following phrase upon passing the certification, “Certified Barre Teacher by BarreAmped®”.

I have thoroughly read and understand the enrollment information, testing, and cancellation policy. Furthermore, I agree to the terms above issued by BarreAmped® (Seren Motus, LLC).