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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I don’t have a fitness or dance background. Can I still participate in your program?

    YES! BarreAmped® training is open to anyone from barre enthusiasts to fitness pros.

    Can I teach barre with a Level 1 certification only?

    In most cases, yes! Ultimately, this will depend on the hiring studio or gym. Some will prefer a comprehensive certification, but most will acknowledge the intensive training undertaken by those who are “Level 1 Barre Certified by BarreAmped®.”

    Can I get CEUs from a BarreAmped® training?

    All pertinent information can be provided for any BarreAmped® training course if you’d like to petition for CEUs with major providers.

    How do I maintain an active certification status?

    Maintain your active certification status with BarreAmped® past your first year by remaining a member in good standing of the BarreAmped® Network (i.e. submit yearly or monthly payments without interruption). See our full Barre Instructor Program Guidelines here.

    Is a BarreAmped® Network membership required to join trainings past Level 1?

    It is. Our training courses build upon one another and the resources available to you inside the Network provide valuable continued education. Choose a monthly membership of $10 (cancel anytime) or a discounted annual payment.

    My certification with BarreAmped® has lapsed or expired. Can I reactivate?

    Yes! We’d love to have you join us again. If it’s been less than one year to the date of your expiration, login to your Network profile and reactivate your subscription. If it’s been more than one year, you’ll need to complete one of the following options before reactivating your subscription: a) sit-in on a training you’ve previously completed, b) register for a further level or format of training, or c) complete an online workshop or training option. Contact us with any questions on reactivating.

    I’m a resident of Asia. Can I participate in virtual trainings?

    All residents of Asia will be directed to the BarreAmped® Asia training track — whether virtual or in-person. You’re welcome to purchase any self-paced online course offered by BarreAmped®, but those training credits do not transfer to the BarreAmped® Asia training track.

    I live outside the U.S. and Asia. Which training track should I choose?

    You’re welcome to join either training track! We recommend that if you’re interested in live, in-person training at any point, to please choose the training track associated with the location to which you plan to travel. Training credits do not transfer from one track to the other.