Playlist of the Month: Jessica Felicia of Barre 2 Barre Singapore

BarreAmped Playlist Vol. 6 by Jessica Felicia

Jessica Felicia BarreAmped Teacher TrainerTeacher Trainer Jessica Felicia is co-owner of Barre 2 Barre Singapore, along with partners Karen in Hong Kong & Mylene in Amsterdam. She will be leading a BarreAmped® Level 1 training in October in Jakarta, Indonesia, expanding the BarreAmped® brand throughout Southeast Asia.

She’s delivered a vibey, amped up playlist for a classic BarreAmped® Mixed Levels class!

Follow this playlist on Spotify or stream below. Enjoy!

  • Blue Sky – Start slow with your warm up – knee lifts & twists, start with controlled movements with arm work
  • Rise/Oceans – Pick up the beat with arm work
  • Breathe/Sleepless – Keep the beat high for thigh work
  • Blind Heart – Start slow for a quick stretch, then pick up the beat for your next seat work
  • She Wants Me Dead – Continue with seat work
  • Satisfied – Plank Pigeon series, keep the beat high to hold that plank with music in mind
  • Save Tonight/Mama Look at Me Now – Under Barre keeping the beat steady, controlled movements
  • Where’s My Love/Summer Days – Wide push ups, forearm plank, reverse push ups – keep the beat high for that last push
  • Wild Horses – Start slow for the quick stretch before the Curl, get into the curl with the beat
  • Side Effects – Catch the beat for bridge position, slow it down when the beat slows, pick it up when the beat comes up – have fun with this!
  • Eastside – Slow it down with open leg balance, start with a hold, then start moving by straightening the legs, and finish with a hold
  • If You’re Over Me – Start with an active stretch
  • Kill Em With Kindness – Move on to a slow stretch/relaxation mode

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