Tina Dunlap: Studio Owner, Teacher Trainer, and Very Cool Girl


When I first met Tina Dunlap last year, she was quiet, introspective, and serious. She was also was super fit. Her form with the BarreAmped exercises right from the start was exemplary. She went through the certification with ease but also with determination and got everything out of it that she could. She totally made an impression on me. Since then she has been through many certifications and has traveled with me and is now the first instructor outside the Franklin Flagship studio considered a teacher trainer. She has earned this because she knows the method inside and out and is an amazing example of BarreAmped! The coolest part about Tina is that she is a girl who not only does BarreAmped faithfully, but she also fishes and paddleboards and does things that my husband wishes I would do. And the best part is that I am going to see Tina in August. So I am hoping she will take me on some excursion to help my coolness factor. Because this is one very cool girl…

image-254x300We caught up with Tina for some Q&A.

1/ What is your favorite part of teaching BarreAmped?
Everything! I love that BA is so form focused & that each class is different. I also love seeing the changes in my clients and actually having them see the changes in themselves. It makes it all worth it to me when someone says “my husband noticed my legs or my arms”, “I’ve gone down 2 sizes”, “this is the first time I actually feel comfortable in a swimsuit” or “I tried on a pair of jeans that didn’t fit me a few months ago & now there almost too big”. And they proceed to thank me, when really it was all them!

2/ What is your background?
I started Pilates in 2002 and became addicted to it. It was the one form of exercise that I could do and never get bored with. I practiced for six years and decided to become an instructor in 2008. I went on to become certified under the Physical Mind Institute and the rest is history! Now in my studio, Balanced Barre and Pilates, I offer private and duo reformer sessions, BarreAmped, and yoga.

3/ How long have you been teaching BarreAmped?
1 year

4/ What are your hobbies?
I’ll try anything once, weather I stick with it is another thing. Some of my favorites are running, reading & fishing, traveling and cooking.
image1-155x3005/ How long have you been in the fitness world?
I’ve been active my whole life, always doing something or trying something new. I didn’t get serious about fitness until I was 22 & discovered Pilates. Pilates changed exercising for me as a whole, because it taught me how to move properly and brought my workouts to a whole different level. Fast forward 10 years & adding BarreAmped into the mix had again brought me to a whole new fitness level. I am running faster then ever before and all around much stronger in everything I do.

6/ What is different about BarreAmped and other classes you have taught or have taken?
The 2 biggest things for me are form & neutral spine. It is rare that you take a class where both are so important. Most gyms don’t care about either & in other barre classes I have taken, you tuck, which has in turn left me with a sore back. It should be common sense to people that if you are not in proper form, your basically spinning your wheels & wasting your time. It is also the BarreAmped method itself. I have clients that have been to other studios all over & they say hands down this is the best barre method they have found & one of the main things I hear is that I actually pay attention to form and correct people.

7/ How do you stay slim?
I am really active. I try to take 3 BA classes a week, run, ride my bike to work, walk my dogs, swim, paddle board…I don’t do well when I am not doing something!

8/ What is your favorite cheat meal?
I don’t have a cheat meal. I believe you can have everything in moderation. I eat healthy to begin with, so if I want something that would be considered bad for me, I’m going to eat it. The one thing I NEVER eat is fast food!

9/ Favorite workout line of clothing?

10/ If you could only pick one artist to create playlist’s from, who would it be?

11/ What is something we might not know about you?
2 things
1. I want to be able to do the splits & practice everyday…I’m getting close!
2. I WILL go Cage Diving with Great White Sharks (this is on my bucket list)

Best Client Success Story:
I have a client that started classes with me in January 2012. She comes 3-4 times a week. She has lost over 12 inches all around and almost 20lbs!
BarreAmped is the only exercise method she has been able to stick with & she actually enjoys it. She had said that BA is something she could see herself doing years down the road.

Anything else you want to add?
I am so grateful for the BA method. It is because of BA that I was able to open my own studio (which had been a dream of mine for years). I am also grateful for all the opportunities I have had since becoming a BA instructor and feel so lucky to be a part of this method! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Suzanne and Levi for everything, could not have asked for a better fitness family!
Well, Tina, we are grateful to have you in our BA family and I am personally looking forward to some sushi dinners and maybe a paddleboarding lesson in August! xo Suzanne
Sushi Dinner
Suzanne and Tina with Massive Sashimi Dinner

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