BarreAmped Bounce Online Certification is LIVE

Get Certified in BarreAmped Bounce

BarreAmped® BOUNCE brings simple yet challenging BarreAmped routines to the trampoline, for a fun, dynamic workout your clients will love. BarreAmped® BOUNCE starts with the number one selling barre brand, BarreAmped®. Then, we combined it with a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline and handle “barre.” The result is a fun and cutting-edge, total body, life transforming workout.

Pilates and yoga instructors, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and barre fanatics are the perfect candidates to get BarreAmped® BOUNCE Certified. Some studios want to add the entire repertoire to fitness schedules. Others want to add in cutting edge barre and rebounding routines to client or class programming. And some just want to get better at their own barre and fitness technique.

What equipment will I need?

BarreAmped® BOUNCE is taught on a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline model 350 or PRO model rebounder with attached handle bar (aka, ‘barre’). You may also use a model 550 or 570 PRO trampoline. We do not endorse lower consumer models for commercial use.

Can I use any rebounder?

BarreAmped® BOUNCE is designed and taught on JumpSport Fitness Trampolines with attached handle bar (‘barre’) only. We cannot advocate nor have we tested our method on any other fitness trampoline on the market.

Will the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline hold up?

JumpSport Fitness Trampolines from the 300 series and up are commercial grade and built to last. For savings, add code “Barreamped10” (for 4 or less) and  “Barreamped20” for 5 or more 300 and Pro Series Fitness Trampolines at

Can I call my classes “BarreAmped Bounce”?

While you are being certified in the BarreAmped Bounce technique, only licensed BarreAmped® BOUNCE locations may use the trademark “BarreAmped® BOUNCE” or “BarreAmped®” in their classes. For more information on becoming a licensed studio, click here.


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