Spotlight on: Suzanne Bowen, Creator of BarreAmped

Suzanne Bowen

Suzanne-webprofile013-244x300If you are familiar with BarreAmped then chances are you are familiar with the creator, Suzanne Bowen, on some level. Suzanne is an incredible, inspiring, and hands-on entrepreneur. Suzanne grew up in Eufaula, Alabama and is very close with her family and her roots. She was classically trained at The Lotte Berk Method in New York City and Bridgehampton before moving to Franklin, Tennessee and starting her own method – BarreAmped. Suzanne also met Levi in Tennessee and together they started an adorable family with two children, Salome and Natal. Suzanne is a mother, business woman, motivator, wife, friend, and celebrity – where does she find the time?
From the moment Suzanne meets someone she has an effect on them. Suzanne cares about her clients and their health – not just in body but in mind too. She is inspiring and passionate and strong. She sends such a positive message to care about and respect yourself and your body.

Ever since she and Levi opened their first studio, Seren Motus Fitness Studios in Franklin, TN, Suzanne has positively impacted so many lives. She now has two locations in Tennessee and has licensees and certified instructors in 25 locations and counting. Suzanne is the creator of BarreAmped, BarreAmped Advanced, BarreAmped Fire, and BarreAmped Boot Camp. She is an international fitness DVD star having created and starred in multiple DVDs including 10 Minute Solution Pilates Perfect Body and Suzanne Bowen’s Gorgeous Core. She has graced the cover of Pilates Style magazine and had features in Fitness Magazine, USA Today, Family Circle, Shape Magazine, as well as a guest appearance on Good Morning America. However, if you meet Suzanne you would never know of all her success. She is humble and kind and always motivating others to succeed.
Humble as she might be, Suzanne has an impact on clients, BarreAmped instructors and anyone around her. Victoria Skorup (certified BarreAmped Instructor in Wayne, PA) said, ” Obviously like anyone who has trained under Suzanne I find her absolutely amazing. She has given me the tools to motivate and inspire clients young and old. I personally have seen the changes in them and the pride I feel is so great. I only wish Suzanne could hear how she is changing their lives also.”

A client at one of our incredible BarreAmped locations, Sphericality (Flemington, NJ), said “BarreAmped has been a valuable class for me as it fills the gap between other programs. I have never been more pleased by any other fitness class or its results than those I have achieved through BarreAmped, be it mind, body or strength! The instructors are awesome. Each instructor is superbly trained and takes a special interest in each client. What I have found when speaking to other clients is that the BarreAmped instructors make a priority of correcting your form and keeping you involved during class. Besides losing inches and dropping a pant size I have gained inner strength and confidence in every aspect of my life even beyond my BarreAmped class.” This no doubt is a trickle down effect afforded to us by being influenced and trained by Suzanne.
Lori Winter, a certified BarreAmped instructor (Nashville, TN), touched on the fact that Suzanne is very form focused, “Her commitment to proper form in exercise and her passionate enthusiasm for what she does has encouraged me to pursue an even healthier and more fit lifestyle.” Lori also went on to mention that every day she hears Suzanne’s voice telling her “zip up those abdominals” and “you can do anything for five seconds.” These are words to live by! Suzanne always says that she would rather you do one pushup right than 10 with improper form. She has posted many free videos on YouTube and her website ( that instruct on proper form and stretching techniques. Suzanne also has an online workout plan known as the 30 Minute Slim Down Challenge where you can stream videos. They are an incredible way to stay fit when you don’t have the time to get to a class.

Suzanne is living out a dream and we are all the better for it. Suzanne stresses the importance of living life mindfully and training mindfully. Another certified BarreAmped instructor and teacher trainer, Amy Weber (Franklin, TN), said it best “Today I am proud to be part of this fast growing method and even more grateful to Suzanne for mentoring me, always letting me shine as an individual, and entrusting her beautiful and beyond challenging method to me so that I may share it and inspire others!” Suzanne finds a way to let people be themselves and see that being themselves is the best way to better themselves. She is truly inspirational. From all the licensees, Certified instructors, clients, and friends – Thank you Suzanne!! We can’t wait to see what you do next…

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