5 Signs You Would Make An Amazing Barre Instructor

5 Signs You Would be an Amazing Barre Instructor

5 Signs You Would Make an Amazing Barre Instructor
Love barre? Thinking about making the jump from taking class to teaching? It’s a rewarding gig to be sure! But are you wondering if you have what it takes? Here are five ways to know that you could make a rock star barre instructor.

1) You like people.

The best barre instructors know how to engage with people. They care enough about their clients to learn their names and make them feel welcome. They are able to connect with people to motivate them and help them accomplish more in an hour than they ever thought possible before — even when their thighs are shaking like crazy!

2) You know quality is more important than quantity.

In barre fitness, even being one inch off in the alignment of an exercise can make a huge difference! Form comes first, always, in a well-taught barre class. And amazing barre instructors are able to make corrections to a client’s form to protect her from injury and help her get the most out of a class.

3) Music motivates you.

You naturally tap your fingers to the beat of the music while you’re driving. You find that second wind of energy and motivation when a great song pops up on your playlist. Using the right music to motivate your class as a barre instructor can make or break the experience for your clients.

4) You can juggle.

No, not like a circus performer … but really great barre instructors can juggle more than one thing at a time. Teaching a group fitness class involves quite a bit of multitasking. Not only do you need to demo the exercise + cue + talk + correct form, you need to be aware of your physical environment as well — like the music (is the volume too loud or too soft?) and the lights (turn them low when you transition to stretching).

5) You know better than to tuck.

Did we just go there? Yep, we did. “Tucking” has become synonymous with the barre fitness world, but did you know it’s actually not the most ideal body position when working out (or sitting or standing or moving around)? In BarreAmped, we believe in maintaining all the natural curves of the spine for the vast majority of class. This way we protect the knees and low back from undue pressure and can work the abdominals as a whole, reaching into the deepest layers that aren’t activated when the hips are tucked under.

And … bonus #6!

6) You’re a student first.

There’s always something new to learn — in life and in barre. Stay curious, stay humble, and stay hungry to learn more and improve your skills as a barre teacher and an all-around amazing human being.

If this list resonates with you, consider getting certified with BarreAmped! We host certifications all over the country and teach new instructors how to train clients with a neutral spine.

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