Why We Love: Under Barre with Ball Under Sacrum

Engaging the core muscles while on the back in a neutral spine is part of our ‘Under Barre’ work in BarreAmped®. Many years ago, after consulting with physical therapists and other experts in the industry, we replaced the more outdated Round Back and Flat Back exercises that were performed under the barre with variations like this one.

Here are just a few reasons we love this exercise with the hips elevated specifically:

1/ First off, this is a solid way to help the pelvic floor more efficiently while working the core.

Especially for those that may have a degree of pelvic organ prolapse (POP), using physics and gravity to your benefit, elevating the pelvis a bit higher than the upper body and help the pelvic floor lift and engage to help control the pressure on the pelvic floor.

2/ While front core is the focus, the back core is also getting great stability work.

With your pelvis down on the floor, it can be really easy to move it too much as the legs move. This can take the work out of the front core and inappropriately move it to the back core. With the sacrum on the ball, the back muscles are forced to stay alert so the ball doesn’t roll out from under you! 

3/ Allows for a deeper range of motion.

When we work the legs from a 90 degree angle down to a 45 we keep the work in the abdominals, taking the legs below 45 recruits more hip flexors. Hip flexors deserve the spotlight now and then. With the hips elevated the hip flexors get to move into a bit of extension giving them some nice early phase loading.

4/ And don’t forget about all those stabilizing muscles that are working as you balance on the ball.

Balance is important to find from many different positions and angles!

What do YOU love about Under Barre with Ball Under Sacrum? Drop a comment below and let us know. 

This exercise is found in our Level 1 BarreAmped® Training. Join us virtually or in-person to get trained, certified, and equipped as a barre instructor.

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