Playlist of the Month: Jessica Ray of Novo Fitness Studio

Barre BandSculpt Playlist Vol. 1

As a Senior Instructor at BarreAmped® Partner Studio Novo Fitness Studio in Columbus, Georgia, Jessica loves teaching all the BarreAmped® class formats, including our newest offering – BarreAmped® BandSculpt.

BarreAmped BandSculpt Playlist by Jessica Ray of Novo Fitness Studio

“If you have not taken a BarreAmped® BandSculpt class yet, you really have to try it! Not only does it work your upper body, thighs, and glutes, but it will help you find that core connection on a level so much deeper than you can even imagine. Like all other BarreAmped® classes, BandSculpt uses the small isometric movements and controlled full range movements that we all love, but the added resistance requires you to stabilize using your core. You may not realize it during class, but the next day you will feel that soreness we all love to hate!”

Jessica has put together an energizing playlist with deep bass beats for a 45 minute BarreAmped® BandSculpt class that could also be used for a classic BarreAmped® Express class.

“Our clients at Novo Fitness Studio love this new class and they love music just as much as we do. I truly enjoy making new playlists and mixing things up. Knowing how much our community is driven by music makes playlists fun to create. I try to use a variety of music and love playing with different tempos. We try to keep our playlists fun and upbeat in an effort to take their minds off the hard work they are doing! I can only hope that’s working for them!”

Grab your BarreAmped® resistance bands and hit play on Spotify!

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