BarreAmped BandSculpt Training Added to Program

BarreAmped BandSculpt Training

If you’re looking to teach an even more dynamic barre class, this is your training! Learn how to safely and effectively add the BarreAmped® resistance band into your classes in a half day or full day live training.

BarreAmped BandSculpt Training

BarreAmped® BandSculpt utilizes a resistance band to add a new element of challenge to classic barre exercises. You’ll learn the foundations of training with a resistance band, the anatomic and bio-mechanical benefits, how to incorporate the band into your classes, and how to teach, troubleshoot, and correct brand new compound exercises.

In BandSculpt 1 we learn how to integrate the resistance band into the classic BarreAmped® class format. BandSculpt 2 introduces ways to make many classic barre exercises compound by utilizing the resistance band. Brand new exercises for both beginner and advanced level clients are also added to your repertoire, along with a new BandSculpt class format.

BarreAmped® BandSculpt was successfully launched at the 2018 Instructor Conference in Nashville, TN with a group of over 20 barre instructors looking to continue their education and stay current in our form-focused method. We’re honored to train this amazing community of passionate mind-body fitness professionals!

If you’d like to become a member of the BarreAmped® network, check our Training Schedule and join us soon! Certify in our Core Teaching Program to gain access to Specialty Format trainings like BarreAmped® BandSculpt and more.

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