BarreAmped Bounce Workout Schedules

BarreAmped Bounce Workout Schedules

I am very excited about the release of my latest BarreAmped DVD called BarreAmped Bounce where we use the bungee style JumpSport Fitness Trampoline and attachable and adjustable handlebar to create a unique barre space. Using the JumpSport trampoline and “barre” can honestly rev up results and take all the dread factor out of working out. Between barre moves, we bounce, which is so rewarding and fun.

Here are four different workout plans using that DVD based on how advanced you are and how many days per week you want to work out. Always make sure you modify if you need less impact or more basic moves, (you will follow me). And if you want more bounce or harder moves, you can follow Jess, my costar. Once you have great form and foundation in BarreAmped Bounce, you can mix and match the moves or mix things up by following my moves one day and Jess’s the next.

Also keep in mind that exercise should never feel like punishment. If you are sore, you shouldn’t work out that same area in the body until you are not sore anymore. And don’t get caught up in the minutes of a workout. Quality moves should always be more important than quantity. The better you get at barre, the less time it should take. And when you add barre moves to the trampoline, you will require less time per day or workout to achieve great results. (Remember, you can’t out-bounce or out-barre a bad eating style. For more information on my favorite eating program to follow, click HERE.

Download the 4 Day Workout Schedule PDF for Beginner and Advanced HERE -> BarreAmped_Bounce_Workout_Schedule_4DAY


Download the 5 Day Workout Schedule PDF for Beginner and Advanced HERE ->BarreAmped_Bounce_Workout_Schedule_5DAY


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