BarreAmped Spotlight on Stephanie Meek of BarreAmped Nashville

Stephanie Meek

Stephanie was one of the amazing background talent in the most recent BarreAmped and BarreAmped Boot Camp DVDs and is a BarreAmped instructor at BarreAmped Nashville’s Music Row and West locations. She is mainly happy wife to Isaac and mother of their 4 amazing daughters, with a new baby on the way! Stephanie studied musical theater and dance at Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. Performing and teaching have always been deep passions for her.

Stephanie Meek BarreAmped instructor
It was motherhood that truly began her discovery of health and overall wellness. As a dancer, runner, and fitness lover, Stephanie found BarreAmped to be the most effective workout through years of having children and staying fit during pregnancy and beyond. She never felt more exhausted after a BarreAmped class, only empowered and strong with the bonus of developing lean, feminine muscle and a deep sense of satisfaction.
Stephanie loves to give the gift of BarreAmped to all women in different walks of life. Her passion is to be a professional encourager and to inspire individuals towards complete wholeness in mind, body, and spirit.
We recently interviewed Stephanie on BarreAmped, performing, filming the DVDs, family, and even her favorite cheat meal. Check it out!

BA: How long have you been teaching BarreAmped?
S: I’ve been teaching at BarreAmped Nashville for a little over one year.
Stephanie Meek BarreAmped instructorStephanie Meek BarreAmped instructor

BA: What do you love about BarreAmped or what makes the workout unique?
S: BarreAmped is unique to me because it is universal to all women in different walks of life, every age and every size. Suzanne Bowen created this method to empower and encourage every person towards excellence and not perfection. I love this method for those reasons. It is not just a workout. It is a heart, mind, and game changer touching the deepest part of human excellence.

Stephanie Meek BarreAmped instructor

BA: You’re no stranger to the camera. What all have you done in the performing arts or in media?
S: Well my first real exposure to the camera was when I was 10 years old as a child model! I was featured on the Kellogs cereal boxes for Nintendo 64 and was also in a PayLess commercial! I went on to pursue a theater degree in New York City for college.

BA: What was the most nerve wracking thing about being in the BarreAmped DVDs? Was it harder or easier than you expected?
S: The most nerve wracking thing about filming the DVDs for BarreAmped was all of the important things to think about at once! In BarreAmped we focus on form first, so I was constantly paranoid about my form. I also did not want to forget our choreography that we had practiced so that non of us would have to re-take another scene! And most importantly, I wanted to keep genuinely smiling through the shaking and burning! After all, the rewards of doing barre all day are worth smiling about! We had a lot of fun on set!

Stephanie Meek BarreAmped instructor on set filming DVDs

BA: What is the most rewarding part about teaching BarreAmped?
S: The most rewarding part of being a BarreAmped instructor is watching the transformation and change in my clients’ bodies, hearts, and minds. I love taking the journey with each of them and being able to encourage them through the ups and downs. I get to see and call out what these women are made of, challenge their mind power, and celebrate their success along the way. My clients and the personal relationships I’ve cultivated because of BarreAmped are the most rewarding perk of this gig!

BA: What do you (or you and your family) like to do for fun? Hobbies?
S: My husband and I love being together! We love spending time with our four daughters, cooking or eating together, playing board games, or being active together outside. My husband and I cherish our date nights on the couch or out in the fabulous city of Nashville visiting our favorite local restaurants! We also have a wonderful group of close friends we get to do life with!

Stephanie Meek BarreAmped instructor Stephanie Meek BarreAmped instructor

BA: What is your favorite cheat meal because obviously you eat right most of the time!
S: My husband is an amazing chef, so my all time favorite cheat is his homemade chocolate cake with vanilla cream icing and coconut ice cream! He uses clean ingredients and does them as cupcakes too…it’s IMPOSSIBLE to eat just one slice/cupcake. They melt in your mouth!

BA: Thanks for talking with us Stephanie!

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