Why We Love: See Saw

See Saw is a classic barre exercise for the seat and back of the leg. It looks simple. So why do we love it so much? Here are 3 reasons!

1/ See Saw works the glutes and hamstrings of the standing leg in a lengthened position.

This is different from the “squeeze and pulse” type contraction used in other exercises where the glutes are shortened as they work. Both have their place and both are great! But muscles can produce more force at longer lengths, making this a super effective variation on seat work.

2/ It’s a great exercise to safely work on improving balance.

Standing on one leg is a functional skill for everyday life! Intrinsic muscles of the feet, ankle, and lower leg are all involved in See Saw to build a solid foundation for your body. A light touch on the barre keeps you steady and in alignment.

3/ Glutes and hamstrings can be worked on both sides at the same time.

Sometimes you need a time saver or a good combo in class! See Saw is a fun way to work both sides of the seat and back of the leg in the same set.

What do YOU love about See Saw? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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