A Change Toward Better

BarreAmped - one small change

How much time do you spend warming up before your workout? You are warming up, right? The BarreAmped® method champions happy joints and a happy nervous system, and one way we achieve that is through intentional warm-ups at the start of class. We never skip the warm-up, no matter what. 

As a method, BarreAmped® is always growing, learning, and staying on the cutting edge of research in the health and fitness space. You won’t see us make changes based on popular fads or trends. Even when it’s counter to the fitness industry at large, sustainable and life-giving movement is always our top priority. 

In recent months and years we’ve begun placing an even greater emphasis on the warm-up. We’ve introduced new warm-up variations and teach instructors to spend a bit more time in the warm-up than our class frameworks have traditionally allowed. We intentionally prepare the joints and the nervous system for the workout instead of jumping right into higher intensity movement. 

If you’re an instructor who’s a member of the BarreAmped® Network, you’ll find new videos added all month long on this topic. Make sure you log in regularly to check it out. 

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