Full ALIGN Session Schedule

Align Virtual Barre Event

Do you have your ticket for our ALIGN Virtual Barre Event? Our event premieres November 6-8, 2020, but replays are available through the end of the year.

Included in your ticket are:

  • 12 themed workouts & movement based workshops
  • 3 live lunch-and-learn expert panel discussions
  • replays through the end of 2020
BarreAmped ALIGN 2020 Virtual Barre Event

We’re excited to feature a host of BarreAmped® Trainers and instructors presenting on a number of different topics.

Portrait of Suzanne Bowen - BarreAmped® Creator

BarreAmped® founder and creator Suzanne Bowen will begin and end our event with her sessions Get Aligned! and Relaxation Stretch.

Lori Winter - BarreAmped Master Trainier

Our Training Director Lori Winter brings a spectrum of intensity levels with and advanced Fireball Barre, a powerful yet fluid Flexible Power, and a super chill Myofascial Bliss Out.

Other sessions include:

  • How Stress Hijacks our Healthy Intentions with Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Emily Ames
  • Safe Core Pre & Post Baby with BarreAmped® Trainer Abbie O’Neal
  • Twist & Resist with BarreAmped® Trainer Laura Breen-Escott

>> View the full event schedule and register here! <<

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