Coming Soon: Fundamentals of Barre + Anatomy Modules

BarreAmped Setting a Strong Foundation

The quality of your training is the most important thing to us. Which is why we’re building brand new courses, both online and in-person, that will set a strong foundation for becoming Barre Certified by BarreAmped®.

BarreAmped Setting a Strong Foundation

BarreAmped® is built on the premise of being an alignment-based method with roots in classic barre. Our training program is comprehensive, but it’s also very important to us that it’s accessible. That’s why:

  • our program is modular – you can complete different levels and formats at your own pace and as your budget allows
  • we offer weekend trainings – most in-person trainings can be completed in just one to three days.

Our program is also incredibly thorough, so even a weekend training can feel super full! In order to give you the absolute best training experience, we’re introducing a few new things:

Fundamentals of Barre

This online course will cover the basics like the history of barre fitness, the guiding principles of BarreAmped®, barre terminology, and an intro to anatomy for barre.

It will serve as a pre-training course for Level 1 so we can spend our valuable time over the weekend workshopping, practicing, and learning together in-person.

Fundamentals of Barre will also be available on its own to:

  • anyone who loves barre and wants to learn more about their practice
  • those that are curious about the BarreAmped® training program and wants a taste before committing to the full meal
  • barre instructors who have trained in other methods and want to add to their education

Look for our launch in the coming weeks!

Anatomy Modules

An inside look at the mechanics of the body offers an incredibly valuable perspective for any movement teacher. These workshops will provide some great ‘lightbulb moments’ for you when you learn the WHY behind the movement.

You’ll start seeing our Core Program training courses with anatomy modules included in the weekend schedule. We will begin with:

  • Spine + Core Anatomy – Level 1
  • Hip Anatomy – Level 2
  • Shoulder Anatomy – Level 3

Each module comes with it’s own set of online resources in the BarreAmped® Network. Current members of our Network are highly encouraged to sit-in on these trainings to add the anatomy modules to their repertoire.

We’re excited to have you learn with us!

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