Playlist of the Month: BOUNCE Vol. 1

Do you love BarreAmped® on the trampolines as much as we do? The gentle, low-impact cardio combined with classic muscle-shaking barre exercises on an unstable surface leave you feeling worked, but very refreshed!

BarreAmped® Bounce is the sister brand to our classic Barre Instructor Training program. It’s an online training that’s open to any group fitness instructor or personal trainer. It can be used for continuing education within our classic BarreAmped® training program and is pre-approved for CE credits with both ACE and AFAA!

This month’s featured playlist on Spotify is curated for a 45 minute BarreAmped® Bounce class. Each song drops 105 beats per minute, so you can easily bounce on the beat at a moderate pace in between barre segments.

Preview below, then follow the playlist on Spotify.


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