Level 1 {Virtual}

Level 1 Barre Training by BarreAmped® equips you with a solid foundation to begin teaching barre fitness to any level client. You’ll learn exercise set-up, alignment, teaching skills, and how to troubleshoot for tactile corrections.

Our foundational BarreAmped® training is now available online! If you’ve chosen the self-paced version of this training, you have 12 months to complete the program. Step by step, you’ll be guided through set-up, modifications, progressions, and corrections for barre postures that address each area of the body. Access the videos as many times as you want throughout the year! You won’t receive a certification, but the practical knowledge you gain will complement your personal practice and/or other training you may have received in the past.

Our online pre-training courses on the Fundamentals of Barre and Spine + Core Anatomy are not required for the self-paced training (though we do highly recommend them). With or without them, you’re welcome to get started on the course now!

For those registered for the fully supported version of training, Fundamentals of Barre and Spine + Core Anatomy ARE pre-requisites and you’ll need to complete them both. You’ll then also complete this Level 1 online course BEFORE we meet live on Zoom. (Don’t wait until the last minute!) During the scheduled training times, you’ll take a master class, practice together, and get direct feedback and guidance from your Trainer.

You have 12 months from your registration to go back and reference training videos and practice. Pass your online certification test within a month of Zoom training and earn the title Level 1 Barre Certified by BarreAmped®.

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