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Mylene Mackay

Mylene discovered Pilates as a college student in Boston and was introduced to barre at the Lotte Berk Studio while living in London. She describes it as “love at first movement.” After many years working internationally in luxury hotels, what was a healthy hobby soon developed into a passion for mind-body wellness and eventually a second career.

Mylene is co-owner of Barre 2 Barre with locations in Hong Kong and Singapore. She’s currently based in Amsterdam where she manages the BarreAmped® training program in Europe.

Eternally grateful for the opportunity to help people keep healthy through movement, she enjoys sharing with everyone the benefits of a regular practice and appreciates the inner strength and balance this brings to one’s life.

Apart from BarreAmped® and Pilates, she is also a student of yoga and kung fu. She’s happiest on a sunny beach in the Philippines with family and friends.

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