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Instructor Training Retreats

Bali, Indonesia

Sept 30 - Oct 7, 2020

Immerse yourself in Barre Instructor Training in exotic and exciting locales!

Offered at various times throughout the year, BarreAmped® Training Retreats provide the same high-quality barre fitness instructor training that you expect from BarreAmped®, coupled with the beauty and serenity of natural surroundings.

It’s the perfect setting to truly retreat from daily life and focus on this investment in yourself. Further your education as a fitness professional or deepen your personal practice. You’ll come away refreshed, renewed, and ready to #shaketochange!

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Just like our regular 2-day intensive trainings, BarreAmped® Training Retreats are open to anyone!

  • Barre enthusiasts who want to deepen their personal practice or enjoy a healthy and active week in paradise
  • Personal trainers or group fitness instructors looking to add barre exercises to their teaching repertoire
  • Boutique fitness studios wanting to add barre to their programming
  • Certified yoga or Pilates instructors hoping to enrich their practice and teaching skills
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A Week in Paradise

The longer retreat format allows for even more time to cover topics in-depth such as class sequencing and formatting, modifications for injuries and pre/post-natal, and tactile corrections and adjustments. Plus, you’ll have the chance to develop relationships with other trainees from around the world. There’s nothing quite like a barre bond that’s begun by the beach!

Barre with your buds
Group training in Barre at the beach

BarreAmped® Training Retreats include:

  • Training Registration & Materials
  • Master Classes with BarreAmped® Trainers
  • Daily Accommodation & Meals* at Luxury Resorts
  • Bonus workshops & training modules covering topics such as Anatomy for Barre, Self-Myofascial Release techniques, Mindfulness, etc.

A typical BarreAmped® Training Retreat might go something like this:

Day One

Arrivals & Evening Welcome Reception

Day Two

Foundations of BarreAmped® & Introduction to Anatomy

Day Three

Dynamics of Teaching

Day Four

Arm Work & Thigh Work

Day Five

Seat Work & Core Work

Day Six

Rest Day & Self-Study

Day Seven

Floor Work & Stretches

Day Eight

Practical Review & Co-Teaching Practice

Day Nine

Practical Exam & Closing Ceremonies

Karen - barre master trainer

A Day in the Life: Sample Schedule

7a: Breakfast
8a: Master Class
9a: Training
12p: Lunch & Beach Break
2p: Training
4p: Teaching Skills Lab
5p: Master Class
7p: Dinner
8p: Group Work Sessions (optional)

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Instructor Training Retreats

Bali, Indonesia

Sept 30 - Oct 7, 2020

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Hosted by Partner Studios

We deeply value our relationships with BarreAmped® Partner Studios around the world. Each one of them brings something unique to the table! Our Training Retreats are hosted by Partner Studios with a vision to offer up even more education in their area of expertise, making each Retreat a truly unique and specialized experience!

barre training at retreat
Karen - Master Trainer - with mini skeleton

Continued Education

Special rates are available to current instructors in the BarreAmped® Network who would like to sit-in on any level of training offered during a Training Retreat. Contact the Retreat Hosts directly for more information.

More details for our Bali 2020 Training Retreat will be announced soon!

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