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Have questions?

Check these FAQs, or ask your question in the Level 1 group inside the BarreAmped® Network.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my live training?
Yes! Please take a look at the material available to you in the Level 1 Course inside the BarreAmped® Network online. There are several topics you can read and a full sample class video you can watch.

What should I bring with me to training?
We’ll provide a printed manual at your training, as well as all equipment such as mats, props, etc. You’ll want to bring a pen or pencil, water bottle, snacks, and a positive attitude that’s ready to learn!

Will there be a lunch break during training?
Yes! A midday break is built into each day’s schedule. Most training studios are located near multiple restaurants or food options. You’re also welcome to pack your own meal.

What happens if my training is cancelled?
We do everything we can to ensure that trainings don’t have to be cancelled, but in certain situations it’s unavoidable. In the event of a training cancellation, your registration fee will be refunded in full or transferred to a future training without incurring a transfer fee. Trainees are responsible for any travel or accommodation costs.

Can I teach barre with a Level 1 certification only?
In most cases, yes! Ultimately, this will depend on the hiring studio or gym. Some will prefer a comprehensive certification, but most will acknowledge the intensive training undertaken by those who are “Level 1 Barre Certified by BarreAmped®.”

How do I maintain an active certification status?
Maintain your active certification status with BarreAmped® past your first year by remaining a member in good standing of the BarreAmped® Network (i.e. submit yearly or monthly payments without interruption). See our full Barre Instructor Program Guidelines here.