BarreAmped ALIGN 2021 Presenter Application

ALIGN 2021 Presenter Application

What: A weekend of BarreAmped® workouts, movement-based workshops, and live panel discussions

When: October 29-31, 2021 (with replays available through the end of 2021)

Where: via Zoom

Who it’s for: Barre lovers and instructors alike

Application deadline: June 15

We’re looking for presenters!

The goal of this event is experiential education. We plan to feature sessions like:

  • Themed workouts (ex: a class based around a themed playlist or prop)
  • Movement-based workshops (ex: a class that utilizes special image-based cueing or a class that teaches anatomy in a practical way throughout the workout)
  • Live panel discussions (ex: pre- and post-workout nutrition or coming back to exercise post-injury)

Sessions should be more than simply a workout without getting so technical that non-instructors would no longer benefit.

Presenters should be certified through BarreAmped® (may not apply to panelists) and adhere to the principles of the method through all workouts and/or workshops.

Sessions will be approximately 60 minutes long. You’ll pre-record your session using the most optimal lighting and audio possible. Professional equipment is NOT required, but clearly being able to see you and hear your voice and the music is very important.

Panel discussions will be held live each day on Zoom at 12PM CST.

If selected, you receive free access to the virtual event as well as a $10 discount code to share on your platforms. You will also receive an affiliate commission of $10 each time your code is used by someone else.

Application deadline: June 11